Updating shipping information for each product

Since the current cart software lets me specify more delivery and shipping options than I could before, I’ve been tweaking and refining this information to try to make it as clear as possible and standardizing it for all my stores.

When you look at the product page for an item on one of my online shops, you will see the product title with a photo of that item on the left and information about that product to the right of the photo. After a brief description of that item, you will see the “Brand”, “Product Code”, and “Ships In” information just above the price.

This “Ships In” line gives you the standard handling time it takes for that specific product to leave the warehouse heading to your delivery address and these times are further described on the Shipping tab below the product photo with even more detail given on the Delivery Information page. Note this is the usual handling time – there are times when shipping might be delayed including invalid or unclear shipping address, holidays, peak seasons, warehouse inventory, natural disasters in the warehouse area, or other delays beyond our control, but this gives you a time valid 99% of the time.

This is the time to be packaged and leave the warehouse and NOT a delivery time. Total delivery time includes the packaging/handling plus transit time. Expected transit time is given on the Delivery Information page but averages 2-9 days within the US. Again, delays beyond our control can happen and delivery is out of our control once your package is shipped and in the hands of the USPS, UPS, Fedex or other delivery service – especially for international delivery.

The delivery confirmation or tracking number is now provided via email and/or your order history page for every shipment so please use it to for more detailed delivery times once your order has shipped.


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