SSL not reporting correctly? Your security

I’m getting some reports that our SSL certificate is not reading correctly on all stores in all browsers. *sigh*

Just to clarify, yes, I have an SSL certificate installed and yes, information is encrypted. It’s actually encrypted twice – once by my cart software using a random encryption key and once by the SSL certificate. Furthermore, my cart software only stores your name, address, phone, email and order information in the store database – encrypted so it cannot be read by any one but me. All credit cards are processed but never stored utilizing Paypal’s Website Payment Pro service if you pay on the site, or via their own servers if you select “Paypal” as the payment method and then select “Pay using a credit card” instead of using or setting up a Paypal account. I’m also working on getting Google Checkout (or Wallet as they call it now) set up again and plan to add Amazon Checkout in the near future allowing you to checkout via their secure servers).  Any way you pay on my stores, I never see or have access to your credit card information.

Browser SSL verifications have always had problems reporting security status for pages that include dynamic content like Twitter and Facebook as it considers those services un-secure (even though they don’t send data out!) and I believe that’s the main issue. But I am working with my web hosts as well trying to figure out what the problem is with it registering properly on all my stores. If in doubt, you can buy any of my products via which seems to be showing “Partially encrypted” (due to Facebook/Twitter) on most browsers at least or call in an order at 407-574-5327.

My apologies for the confusion.


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