Find out shipping charges right from the product page!

One of the most asked questions we get is “How much is shipping of x?”. Now you can find out right on the product page!!

While you’ve always been able to add an item to your cart, view your cart, and estimate shipping (on the old software you had to register and could see shipping charges before you finished your order), a lot of customers didn’t realize it and would call or chat with us to find out shipping charges.

Now just look for the Calculate shipping under the “Add to Cart” button*, select your country, city and zip code and find out the shipping options!! See image below.

Any other features you wish our stores had??? Please let me know and we will try to add them!

* and all the stores running our new software has this feature  (look for the color bar with logo at the top of the page).,, and still use the “old” software as of this writing so you must still view the cart and register to estimate shipping on them.


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