Halloween is coming fast! What do you want to be?

Halloween is coming so fast! Just 24 days away as I write this and I cannot believe it!

I know a lot of people think of Halloween as the time to get spooky and terrify the neighbors, but I always thought of it as more of a “let’s pretend” time.

My Arabian Princess costume wasn't this pretty

My Arabian Princess costume wasn't this pretty

When I was a kid, my costumes tended to be more of the dress-up type…the Princess, the pirate… I remember one year trick or treating as an Arabian Princess complete with bells on my shoes to jingle around the block. I was a ballerina more than one year thanks to costumes from the dance recitals I participated in (badly, but I got to do them for 4 years!).  And I remember trying on my Dad’s jackets trying to put together a Wild, Wild West costume complete with toy guns (these days I’m sure the guns wouldn’t be allowed).

It was a lot of fun even though my parents didn’t let me go to too many houses – the rumors of razor blades in candy were very prevalent when I was a kid in the 60s, so I could only go in the neighborhood and to the homes of people we knew. But that was okay – I actually enjoyed dressing up more than the actual trick or treating. I think I even liked that part more than the candy…well, unless it was chocolate that is.

Even as a kid I didn’t like haunted houses – not that I can remember there being any of them in the small town in New Jersey I grew up in. I never liked to be scared – let me play and pretend instead!

Costumes you could buy were pretty bad – those pre-packaged plastic masks and capes or other things that tore the first few minutes you wore them. Definitely not all the choices we have today! I was never fond of those so tended to rummage thru my parents drawers and closets trying to figure out something unique.

What is you fondest memory of Halloween as a kid? I’d love to hear it!


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