Switched the store to new software

You may have noticed a different look to our store. As of September 1, we changed to new cart software which offers a ton more features for you, including:

  • Larger, clearer photos – click on them for even larger views!
  • 360 degree views of products (where available)
  • Wish List* – save items you like to purchase at a later date!
  • Ability to save your cart* – cart is saved automatically when log out with items in your cart
  • Order tracking numbers posted when your order ships
  • Product comparison – select two or more items to view side by side
  • Gift Certificates

And even more! See our general blog for more details on the new cart software.

The downside to all this is that we must manually re-enter all our products, so you will notice a lot fewer items available right now. I should have just about all costumes back in the store by September 5 and other items added shortly thereafter. We are taking this opportunity to recheck all items are current with their manufacturers, updating photos, and more.

Thanks for hanging in with us during the transition! Check out the front page announcement for a coupon code you can use now during the transition too!

*Available when you create an account on our store. While this is no longer required to check out, it does give you additional enhancements, including these features.


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