Tis the season…for things to be discontinued!

Yup, it’s that time of year. As manufacturers start working on their new Spring catalogs, they decide which items they will be discontinuing. It would be nice if they would share that information with those of us who carry their products, but out of more than 80 manufacturers I currently work with, only a small handful of them actually do this. I usually find out something is discontinued when I try to order it (which of course means I have a customer that has ordered one!) which is when I delete it from the store.

This puts me into “hunting mode” and I try to find one last one somewhere. Maybe another vendor I know has one left in stock. Or maybe I can find one on Amazon or Ebay that I can pick up for my customer. Or perhaps I can find something similar for my customer they will take instead.

When all else fails, I notify my customer I just cannot get one for them and have to cancel the order (and refund it if they paid via Paypal or not charge their card at all if they provided credit card information). I hate disappointing a customer this way, but it is just unavoidable at times. It always seems like the manufacturers discontinue pieces that were popular for me too 😦


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