Own your costume, not just wear it – and win a giftcard!

One thing I’ve learned about going to a lot of science fiction conventions over the years is that a lot of people wear costumes, but the ones I remember are the ones that OWN it – the people that got into character not just put on fancy dress.

How do you get into character? Start by creating a character represented by the costume. Costuming, especially during Halloween, is the one time when you can put your usual self (with all the stresses and worries you normally have) aside and have fun by being someone else.  But how do you create a character?

If you are wearing an anime or character costume, you already have a guide – the character whose costume you are wearing. Are there some signature mannerisms or movements that character uses regularly you can adopt? Think of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ve seen probably 100 people wear that costume at conventions, but the one I remember is the man who had Jack’s swagger, speech pattern, and mannerisms down cold. Watch the movie or anime and practice ahead of time.

If your costume isn’t based on an existing character or is one of your own creation, make up some back story for that character…where did they come from? How did they grow up? What struggles have they had? Why are they at the party/event you are going to? Playing a pirate? How about creating a treasure map and talk to people about the clues you are trying to find? Playing a fortune teller? Get a prop like Tarot cards and learn a few of the meanings so you can let people pick a card and react to it. Playing a queen? Act regally and address everyone else as peasants. Get creative! A bar wench or tavern girl can play the flirt, a vampire can of course look for their next victim, the possibilities are endless!

Whatever costume you choose, put yourself into that character (actors call it method acting) and have fun with it! It’s a great time to encourage your children to use their imaginations too! You’ll find yourself noticed a lot more by everyone…and just might win that costume contest!

We’d love to see your best costume character! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and send us your videos! Every month, the video with the most likes will win a $25 gift card to CosplayCostumeCloset.com!


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  1. Amy
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 01:06:40

    I absolutely adore anime and it’s so difficult to find one particular outfit that I was SURE would be easy to find. It’s Saya Otonashi’s school uniform from the series Blood+. Yes, it’s very basic, however it’s one costume I simply MUST have. Anyone I dress up as has to match my personality; for example: last year I dressed as Seras Victoria from the Hellsing series (blue outfit). Nothing was out of place. Anyway, point being, it would be incredibly awesome to see Saya’s school uniform available through you. 🙂 Love your site!


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