Last Halloween’s Top Costumes – Mens

Our top selling men’s costume for Halloween 2009 was (drumroll)….

Lederhosen! Specifically the very cool Lederhosen Deluxe set at left made by InCharacter Costume.

Yup, Lederhosen. I guess we have a lot of male customers with sexy knees! And for Halloween as well as Octoberfest Celebrations!

One of the cool things about InCharacter’s Deluxe costumes is that not only do they use premium fabrics and trim details, but they come complete – this set includes the ultra-suede pants with vinyl suspenders, pullover shirt with lace up collar and jacquard trim, matching hat with feather and the white knee socks – all you need is the shoes & the beer (the stein is not available). They also come in a zippered garment bag so you can safely store it from year to year.

InCharacter sold out last year about 3 weeks before Halloween, so if you want this one this year, be sure to order soon! They will be back in stock around the end of July. We try to keep a few extras of them in stock, but they tend to fly out the door as soon as they arrive!

InCharacter has also introduced a new version this year (at right) – part of their more economical and nice, but not quite deluxe 2B Character Line. The fabrics aren’t as heavy and it may not contain as many pieces as their Deluxe costumes. In this case, it comes with the same items – the pants with suspenders, pullover shirt with lace up collar (but no trim), hat and white knee socks. Instead of a garment bag, it comes in a simpler hanging vinyl snap closure bag for storage.

Leg Avenue also makes their version of Lederhosen (at left) also very popular. Again it’s not as deluxe, but includes the hat, shirt, suspenders, and long shorts.

Will Lederhosen be the top costume this year? We’ll have to wait and see.


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